‘Bigg Boss 6’: I’m getting Rs. 7.75 cr per episode, says Salman Khan

Mumbai: Salman Khan naam hi kaafi hai. You settle for it or not Salman Khan rules the roost. he’s omnipresent- in films, TV and commercials. he’s the undisputed king of the Box workplace, an excellent successful host on TV and a complete ambassador for a large vary of merchandise. And especially ‘Being Human’!

The hunk of associate degree actor comes across as somebody United Nations agency is brash and outspoken now and then however you can’t afford to ignore his humourous aspect.

Recently once the actor was quizzed by HT concerning his alleged Rs four large integer per episode upset ‘Bigg Boss 6’, the actor quirkily aforementioned, “I suppose it had been Rs. 7.75 cr. Write that therefore those that browse this may feel jealous. Say I’m obtaining Rs. 7.75 chromium per episode, and Rs one chromium for re-runs; then see their reactions. rely on it. individuals are going to be appalled and won’t get work constant worth. Then all work, as well as theirs, can come back to Pine Tree State. and that i can have a go at it for Rs. 50 lakh, that is my worth. we have a tendency to cut price with producers and channels betting on however badly we’d like the money.”

Salman Khan may be a complete in himself, and it very doesn’t matter what worth he quotes. All that matters the foremost to his fans is his presence, no?