New Delhi: Islamist, World Health Organization re-entered the Bigg Boss show once having a face-off with Aashka Goradia a couple of weeks back, continues to be misunderstood within the house and continues to be the soft target throughout the nominations. whereas the cold vibes between Sapna and him area unit quite comprehensible , he was nominative by Delnaaz with whom he has been cordial all this whereas.

Bigg Boss asked Delnaaz to nominate one name World Health Organization can directly build his thanks to the nominations list while not being voted by different inmates. Delnaaz nominative Islamist and therefore the different inmates were asked to grant 2 different names that they might need to nominate. Vishal lidded the list whereas Sanaa and Rajev conjointly created it to the nominations list.
For the primary time, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to brazenly discuss the nominations and that they got [*fr1] associate hour to try and do a similar. once the nomination results, Islamist argued with Delnaaz over his nomination. He told her that, “If i might not have voted for you the last time, you may haven’t been the Captain.” whereas Delnaaz counter argued that Islamist is wrong in his approach and he has to perceive that he’s not mingling with the inmates.

Later, Bigg Boss gave the inmates a task to perform puppet play within the house. Bigg Boss gave the inmates 3 themes to form their puppets perform on. Niketan was given the task to perform the puppet play on things between Delnaaz and Rajev over the last 2 years.
While Islamist had to form the puppets perform on the rest room issue that happened between Sapna and him, Urvashi was asked to indicate the friendly love between Sanaa and Aashka. The inmates took all the performances in their stride. let’s examine what the new day brings certain these inmates.