Bigg Boss 6: nominations with a twist

Soon when Santosh Shukla leaves the house, the house inmates square measure seen sulking over his exit. Vishal, Mohammedan and Aashka square measure seen sulking in 3 totally different corners of the house. Karishma is seen speech Vishal telling him that Sana’a may be his favorite, however she may be a friend too which feel higher ! will seek advice from her and . simply when Vishal’s voice communication ends with Karishma, he’s seen sitting within the room space speech Sana’a, United Nations agency is talking regarding Karishma.

Vishal pays no attention to her and tries to alter the subject by obtaining up and walking away. within the night, Bigg Boss announces Urvashi’s secret task which she is safe. the whole house congratulates Urvashi and Rajeev and Niketan square measure seen creating up together with her. because the day ends, Aashka is seen crying sitting on her bed speech Delnaz and tells her that Urvashi’s patch up together with her was simply a task and zilch else which it absolutely was not required for her to patch Delnaz and Urvashi up.

The next day begins with a clash between Mohammedan and therefore the different housemates. because the housemates square measure seen sinking down, Bigg Boss announces a twist that may be witnessed within the Bigg Boss house for the terribly 1st time. Bigg Boss provides the housemates [*fr1] associate hour’s time to debate nominations. Soon, the housemates square measure seen breaking apart into teams and discussing regarding the nominations.

Within [*fr1] associate hour, everybody settles down and Bigg Boss asks Delnaz to voice her nominations within the living space before of everybody whereas all the opposite contestants square measure known as into the confession area one when the opposite and shortly Bigg Boss announce the results.

In the evening, Sapna and Karishma square measure seen speech Rajeev, once Sapna is seen asking Rajeev if he and Sana’a square measure back along as friends. Rajeev tells her that the 2 still hold bound variations and haven’t patches up as of however. because the day passes, Sana’a and Rajeev square measure seen resolution their variations and mend up.

Post the nomination result announcement, Mohammedan argues with Delnaz within the garden space over the nominations, his concern being that Delnaz nominative him for evictions even once he voted for her and created the captain. Delnaz tried explaining her purpose of read, however Mohammedan paid a deaf ear and continued declamation regarding it over and over.

In the evening, Bigg Boss provides the housemates a puppet task, wherever many housemates square measure created the puppeteers and need to narrate the story of different housemates with the assistance of their co-contestants United Nations agency square measure puppets. Mohammedan and Delnaz narrate Sapna’s story within the house, whereas Sana’a and Aashka in conjunction with Niketan and Vishal narrate Delnaz and Rajeev’s story. the whole home is seen rolling with laughter post the task.