Kolkata make it four wins in a row
Kolkata make it four wins in a...
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Goan dancers Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkar took home the trophy and winning amount of Rs 11 lakh


India Banega Manch, a reality show that had the contestants perform on the streets across the country with the audience deciding who goes ahead in the competition, has found its winners after nine weeks. Salsa dancers from Goa, Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkar, walked away with the trophy and a cash prize of Rs 11 lakh recently.

The finale of Colors’ India Banega Manch was not just a celebration of talent but also complete entertainment. Emerging as champions, Goan dancers Amit Rajput and Sakshi Kurtarkar took home the trophy and winning amount of Rs 11 lakh. The show by BBC Worldwide Entertainment had contestants performing in public, and whoever got more audience, was announced as the winners. 16 such winners battled it out in the finale. Hosted by Krushna Abhishek and Mona Singh, India Banega Manch borrowed its format from successful Israeli format, Win the Crowd.

With emotions yet to sink in, ‘Ultimate Talentbaaz’ Amit-Sakshi pour their heart to indianexpress.com on how India Banega Manch was the most difficult challenge for the two. “In other competitions, you need to just impress a couple of judges but here we had to hold the attention of as many people as we could. Also being Latin dancers, we were scared for the form is not too popular in India yet and we could have lost our audience if we were not very entertaining,” chirped Sakshi.

Dancing together for three years now, we asked them what made them stand apart from the other contestants. Amit answered, “I think our hard work and discipline. We gave our heart and soul for this competition and we couldn’t have been happier at the moment holding this trophy.”


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